Victorian Values

The A1 sized black and white collage heading this section I assembled from a collection of wood-engraved illustrations from a Victorian weekend magazine publication - The Sunday Graphic.

Separated from the text, they were commissioned to accompany, I find these beautifully drawn and observed people give one an immediate sense of history.  Theatrical body language and the relationship portrayed between people, often surprisingly intimate, evokes for me a vivid picture of life 150 years ago.  The illustrators of this composite piece were commercial artists, largely unappreciated, and the craftsmen who engraved the woodblocks are entirely unknown. 

Over twelve months I produced this set of large chalk drawings all taken directly from the above collage.  These drawings have been singly photographed and put together here in sections from the collage.  Each drawing, separated by white borders on screen, is A1 in size and if put together the assemblage measures hundreds of square feet.